You should avoid using "Open in New Navigator" in Navigator

Mark Talluto mark at
Wed Feb 28 11:26:55 EST 2018

On Feb 27, 2018, at 9:14 PM, Geoff Canyon via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> I've updated GitHub and the download to remove it for now. Under some
> circumstances (that I can't replicate just yet) "Open in New Navigator" can
> fail in a way that seems to mess with the dialogs in the IDE. If you happen
> to trigger this, you'll likely see a dialog that contains the word
> "something" and no buttons; I saw this during development, but thought it
> was banished (I didn't know it was possible to mess up dialogs, and I still
> don't know how it's  even possible to open a dialog with no buttons, and
> it's not even my code that's opening the dialog -- I think).
> If it happens to you, apologies, and pressing the enter key should (did,
> for me) dismiss it. Restarting LC is the best recourse.
> In any case, don't use that function if you do see it, and this copy of
> Navigator has it disabled for now:
> Get Navigator here
> <>. Or get it
> from GitHub: Navigator's GitHub page <>

All great code/projects have bugs. I am sure you will figure this out Geoff. The feature will be very useful when it returns. This bug mainly affects LC 9 dp11. In the LC 8 series it simply does not work, but does not have any negative effect that I can see.

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