You should avoid using "Open in New Navigator" in Navigator

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Wed Feb 28 00:14:45 EST 2018

I've updated GitHub and the download to remove it for now. Under some
circumstances (that I can't replicate just yet) "Open in New Navigator" can
fail in a way that seems to mess with the dialogs in the IDE. If you happen
to trigger this, you'll likely see a dialog that contains the word
"something" and no buttons; I saw this during development, but thought it
was banished (I didn't know it was possible to mess up dialogs, and I still
don't know how it's  even possible to open a dialog with no buttons, and
it's not even my code that's opening the dialog -- I think).

If it happens to you, apologies, and pressing the enter key should (did,
for me) dismiss it. Restarting LC is the best recourse.

In any case, don't use that function if you do see it, and this copy of
Navigator has it disabled for now:

Get Navigator here
<>. Or get it
from GitHub: Navigator's GitHub page <>

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