Another server question (mixing node.js and LC)

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Wed Feb 28 11:15:23 EST 2018


I have another server question. I really like scripting with LC, because I can make improvements very quickly. This is important because of my very limited free time. 

But, I want to be able to handle many many concurrent server requests, the way node.js does.

Would it work to have node take In a request, launch an LC cgi executable to process the request, set an event listener to wait for LC to send the results back to Node, then have node return the results to the user? 

This is not unlike using Apache to launch LC CGI processes, but the asynchronous nature of node would, presumably, tie up fewer system resources and allow for larger concurrency. This could mean having a couple thousand LC processes running at any one time - would that be okay as long as the server had enough RAM?

In general, would this work for a system that hand to handle, say, 10,000 server requests per minute?

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