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> Just read in Trevor’s reply to me - it’s Sublime Text. No, I’d never heard
> of it either. Myself, I have been happy editing with what comes with LC,
> which probably goes to show something a bit negative about me.

Why would it be a negative? If it works for your needs then that is great.
You can get all of your work done in a single location.

> (Rant-style observation: I see really that what the whole Levure thing is
> doing is moving towards a more industrial-scale development context for
> LiveCode.

FWIW I am the only developer that regularly contributes to my apps built on
top of Levure. That won’t always be the case and when the time comes it
will be easy to add people. But version control isn’t synonymous with
industrial-scale. Nor is using folders to organize your Livecode project
files rather than a monolithic binary stack.

Using version control provides quality control in my workflow and makes it
easier to fix mistakes. For example:

* No code change ever gets into my project without being reviewed at least
twice. Once while I’m writing it, and a second time when I’m committing the
changes I’ve made to Git. I’ve caught many mistakes through this review
* If I happen to make a change in my software that unintentionally breaks
something I can review the Git commit and see all of the changes I made. I
can then easily reverse those changes.
* I have a complete audit trail of all changes made so I can see where I
might have introduced issues.

In addition I can work on multiple new features at once, yet easily deploy
a hot fix if a customer finds something that needs fixing right away.

Version control isn’t for everybody and may not be worth the hassle for
you. There is nothing wrong with that. But I wouldn’t dismiss it as being
something that only teams use.

Trevor DeVore

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