LiveCode Widget Factory

hh hh at
Thu Feb 22 12:32:54 EST 2018

> Todd F. wrote:
> Yes, Ali has provided a good multiplatform example of a button. We are
> taking this example and creating a structure/template for all basic UI
> widgets. This is our goal, but the #1 goal right now is mobile and getting
> them in a widget store for people to purchase and use. But before 2021
> should not be an issue.

You had always a lot of impressing reality-based ideas.
But here you speak of non-existing widgets in a close to non-existing widgets
centre (the word "store" has such a negative sound).
Why not simply start with facts, an own "cross-platform-native" widget?
One beyond a "Hello <control>" example?

> BTW HH, thanks for the LBC property sample app you did, it was helpful.

If you mean the Controlkit: It is free, cross-platform, and there are around
100 downloads. Who should live from 100 downloads?

Probably it is this crazy Apple world: Let people pay for a big part of
hot air. And they will luckily buy it and praise that part of hot air.
But Apple has the monopole for that.

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