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> What examples if not mine (and the few I link to) did you see? Would be very glad to know
> some more.

I found some by Bernd in the forums that demonstrated a few different 

> So you didn't even try the basic ones for that.

I tried a couple of yours when you announced them here a long time ago, 
but I couldn't find them today when I searched the forum. I had you in 
mind specifically but couldn't find a link to the download page.

I was on Skype with the client at the time and wasn't able to do an 
extensive search, even though I did look for your name. My client looked 
at Bernd's work while we talked and liked it.

  There is also ...
> 1. ... "TerminalZero". Compile it with the version you want and you have a simple tool
> to test what works and what doesn't work in that version.
> 2. ... "Navigation" for card deletion/creating example (with use of several fonts).
> 3. ... "Video-Fun" for using sound/video.
> 4. ... "Do as JavaScript" in case your methods are too slow for HTML5 or not yet implemented.
> 5. ... "FetchURL" for simplest networking.
> 6. ... "Oriented Text" for testing how an embedded widget works.
> If the probably in "probably in the same window" is not 100% then you may be lost.

Thanks, that gives me some idea and TerminalZero sounds interesting, but 
I still need a web link. I don't know yet exactly what we will need, nor 
does my client who will be re-selling to someone else. She needs to get 
more info about the customization we'd require, which is why I couldn't 
ask more specific questions yet.

> Most of the examples are from the LC 8.0 times where HTML5 deployment was "very"
> experimental (what makes them "basic"). They especially show now, to which part the speed
> improvement is due to the improved browser you use and not to LC.
> Currently Safari is in general best, Firefox and Chrome are next, then Opera (which is in
> turn best with special things).
> A time-execution factor of up to 10 between them is not unusual. And Internet explorer and
> Edge don't work at all with HTML5 standalones.

That's an important limitation.

>> What else would I need to consider?
> 1. Start with searching LiveCode-Quality-Control-Center for "HTML5".
> 2. Start with using a card full of buttons, text fields and other controls you need.
> 3. Measure the execution time of your core routines in several browsers/OSes.
> Then optimize or work around-
> Hope you'll share soon your great collection of advanced (working) HTML5 examples.

We are in the exploratory phase right now but if the project does go 
through, you will be able to see the finished product at the customer 
web site. For now I just need some general guidelines to help my client 
steer her customer in the right direction.

Thanks for your thoughts, hh.

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