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Keith +1

MS Word is the worst when it comes to this. I once spent 1/2 day trying to
figure out why a PDFed Word file had font issues. I turns out that this Word
doc was being passed around and not all users had all the fonts or faces. So
Word changed the text using an unavailable font face by "bold"ing the plain
face by fattening up the glyphs. So the kerning changed and when the doc was
PDFed Acrobat could not figure out what was going on with the fonts and did
not embed the proper fonts. The PDF would not pass pre-flight. The only
solution was to re-style the affect text with the proper face. (funny note:
After fixing the file about 3 years later we received a different file with
the same problems and after some investigation we found out it was the
"grandson" of that original problematic file)
This was a few years ago but from what I remember the are 3 ways a font can
be described: 1) the displayed font name. 2) the internal font name 3) the
font face description. This was evident by looking at the font name/faces as
presented to the user in MS word, InDesign and Windows fonts control panel
(not to mention the file names many times being cryptic at best).

<rant>I started using TT and Type 1 fonts for composition back in 1994. We
had many font issues over the years and I figured that the industry would
get it together. In 2018 there are still font naming inconsistencies between
various programs and OS platforms. When will this ever get straightened

Ralph DiMola
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> LC no longer manipulates text directly to produce styles, it now uses 
> the equivalent font.

And as a typographer, let me say YAY!
Distorted type hurts my soul. :(



Keith Martin
Senior Lecturer, LCC (University of the Arts London)

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