libsodium on LiveCode?

Monte Goulding monte at
Mon Feb 19 18:02:07 EST 2018

Hi Brian

Looks like there’s an issues in the code folder stuff. At the moment it will look for `code\x86-win` when deploying a standalone it seems. I will patch it in a bit to `code\x86-win32`. By the looks of the IDE extension loading code it will be actually work for win or win32 (it does a filter with `*-win*` on the folders) at the moment so this is unlikely to be your problem.

For 64 bit it would be `code\x86_64-win32` however that’s only for the FileMaker plugin at the moment so also unlikely to be your problem.

So… just to confirm. Your dll is called libsodium-23.dll and is built for x86? You might want to dump exports to check the dll <>

Note you should not use `__safe` here and instead call the function from within an unsafe block.



> On 20 Feb 2018, at 8:56 am, Brian Milby via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Made my first attempt to just initialize the library and something is not
> working:
> Message execution error:
> Error description: LCB Error in file
> C:/Users/milby/Dropbox/LiveCode/Downloads/lcSodium/sodium.lcb at line 34:
> unable to load foreign library
> Hint: runtime
> Here's all that the LCB does:
> private __safe foreign handler _sodium_init() returns CInt binds to
> "c:libsodium-23>sodium_init!stdcall"
> public handler sodiumInit() returns Integer
> return _sodium_init() --this is line 34
> end handler
> DLLs are in code\x86-win32 and code\x86-win64
> (tried with and without the !stdcall)
> I probably need to start with something a little simpler ;)
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