SE: restore default handlers?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Feb 6 15:10:15 EST 2018

panagiotis merakos wrote:
> Thanks Richard. So, a guess is that for some reason LC cannot open the
> sqlite database that holds all the dictionary entries, thus it cannot fetch
> the list of the default handlers per object. I am wondering if this is
> related to the other bug report you have filed, where the dictionary opens
> but it is empty for you.
> Let's delete the Documentation Cache:
> 1. Quit LC 9.0.0 DP-11
> 2. Delete folder: .runrev/documentationcache/9_0_0_dp_11_commercial/
> 3. Open LC
> 4. Check if the default handlers appear now.

Good idea, but no go, still get:

 > ERROR: unable to open database
 > unable to create sqlite API database
 > revdberr,invalid database type
 > line: 1079
 > handler: ideThrow
 > script object: stack "/home/rg/.runrev/components/l
 > ivecodeindy-9.0.0-dp-11.x86_64/Toolset/libraries/revidelibra
 > ry.8.livecodescript"

It would be really cool if someone on the team could spend some time 
doing daily work on Linux and Windows.  VMs are nice, but daily work on 
metal will expose things beyond what customers report.  Not every day, 
but a day a week would be an eye-opener.

For example, there's a weird scrolling issue I sometimes see on Linux, 
in which the field my mouse is over is unaffected by my track pad 
gestures, but some other field scrolls instead.  Sure, I could pin down 
a recipe, and when I'm caught up on my deliverables from not being able 
to use the Standalone Builder I'll try to make some time for recipes 
like that.  But with daily work on these non-Mac OSes y'all would see 
them first-hand, and if you did I doubt such things would survive for long.

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