Pasting tabs into Excel

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Sat Feb 3 12:35:53 EST 2018

Like Mike, I found that the text to columns tool, using space as 
delimiter, will separate the entry into columns. That seems to imply that 
somewhere the tabs are changed to spaces. Also, pasting into a text editor 
does show the tabs, and copying from there preserves them when pasting into 
Excel, and they act normally and span columns.

I also tried fullclipboardData and rawclipboardData with no luck. There 
seems to be something different about in LC's implementation. I found two 
bugs that might be related:

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> I have no access to Excel at the moment, but I cannot believe that the
> default field delimiter could possibly have changed from tab. May just as
> well change the record delimiter from return
>  It would break just about everything.
> Craig
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