JIGSAW PUZZLE 2d-video v_100

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at iotecdigital.com
Fri Dec 28 10:52:49 EST 2018

Fun and interesting. But I cannot get another movie (Joan of Arc) to load. Playing around with other settings do not seem to have an effect either. The original puzzle works great though. 

Bob S

> On Dec 27, 2018, at 20:10 , hh via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com> wrote:
> JigsawPuzzle2d-video is a HTML5 standalone that demoes what LC is able to do.
> I have seen such "live" computed puzzle pieces until now only in specialized
> native apps.
> Images.
> You can choose a built-in image or import a local one into the standalone.
> Moreover choose the base width for the pieces and whether to rotate the
> pieces. The base width determines the number of pieces. If for example the
> image has size 480x360 then a square width of 60 yields 8x6 = 48 pieces.
> As a help you can be notified (the image will be inverted) whenever you are
> very close to the correct location.
> Videos.
> As above but without importing, use one of the nine built-in looping videos.
> The segmenting of the video frames is done with canvas methods in javascript.
> This will stress your CPU/GPU! It runs at about ten times faster in
> the IDE with a browser widget, but sadly this is memory-leaking (5 MBytes
> per second). The HTML5 standalone runs at about two times faster in Safari
> than Firefox or Chrome/Opera. Reduce the number of pieces if you have less
> than 2-3 frames per second.
> Technique used: The pieces are live in LC computed polygon graphics of linear
> and cubic bezier curves.
> They are filled with backpattern-images from portions of the whole imagedata.
> Only this last imagedata part is for the videos "outsourced" to javascript.
> A pure LC version of the technique used is available in "Sample stacks".
> This has images only but is even fast enough for the slowest Raspi.
> Test (and download the source and the calling HTML page (contains short but
> important javascripts) from
> (US) http://hh.on-rev.com/html5/jigsawPuzzle2d-video-9.0.2hhX.html
> or 
> (EU) http://hyperhh.de/html5/jigsawPuzzle2d-video-9.0.2hhX.html
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