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The issue is remote debugging. Script only stacks save nothing but scripts. 
Breakpoints are stored as custom properties which are lost when the stack 
is saved as part of a standalone, so when testing a mobile app they are 
gone and the debugger is unavailable.

I've heard you can insert hard-coded breakpoint commands in the script 
instead but I haven't tried that yet. (Then you need to track them down and 
remove them when they are no longer needed.) Another way, which I did try, 
is to insert a temporary red dot breakpoint into the binary stack script 
and then step into the handlers in the script only stack from there, but in 
my case that meant stepping over a few hundred lines, which was tedious, 
and then when I got to the handler in question, the erroring line took over 
and ran to the end without stopping.

I'd heard that once the debugger is triggered you should be able to add new 
temporary breakpoints dynamically, but when I tried that after stepping 
into the script only stack it didn't work. This was before the fix that 
removed the ghosted remote scripts, so maybe it would work now.

At any rate, remote debugging a script only stack isn't easy and is 
sometimes impossible.
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> J. Landman Gay jacque at
>> I know there is enthusiasm for script only stacks and they are really
>> helpful for those who use git. But when git isn't a target, the old
>> fashioned way is really much easier to follow and debug.
> Being script-only is just the storage format on disk.  Operationally,
> stacks are stacks, regardless of the storage format.
> Or maybe I misunderstand.  Is the issue with script-only stacks, or with
> deeply-nested parentScript chains?
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