Remote Debugging (Was Re: Musings on Architect, MVC, Nested Behaviors)

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I should have guessed why you wrote that. :)
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> Dear Jacque,
> I know too well the rabbit holes that lies deep into some LC projects.
> As Richard have guessed, by using a ton of behaviors and libraries, you
> can end up with code that you can't easily trace and also which becomes
> quite hard to debug. As Jacque and I worked on the same project, one
> that is quite hard to debug on mobile, I came to realize that we needed
> some better tools.
> To solve that I made a "Network Tracer" tool to help me debug exact
> those apps. Think of it as a message box with more features, allowing
> you to not only display text and variable contents but also trace back
> where those texts are coming from. The network tracer work over LAN so
> you can have the phone and LC IDE on the same wifi network and should
> just work. I made a video showing it working at:
> There is more information about it at my homepage at:
> Cheers
> andre
> On 27/12/2018 18:21, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode wrote:
>> The issue is remote debugging. Script only stacks save nothing but
>> scripts. Breakpoints are stored as custom properties which are lost
>> when the stack is saved as part of a standalone, so when testing a
>> mobile app they are gone and the debugger is unavailable.
>> I've heard you can insert hard-coded breakpoint commands in the script
>> instead but I haven't tried that yet. (Then you need to track them
>> down and remove them when they are no longer needed.) Another way,
>> which I did try, is to insert a temporary red dot breakpoint into the
>> binary stack script and then step into the handlers in the script only
>> stack from there, but in my case that meant stepping over a few
>> hundred lines, which was tedious, and then when I got to the handler
>> in question, the erroring line took over and ran to the end without
>> stopping.
>> I'd heard that once the debugger is triggered you should be able to
>> add new temporary breakpoints dynamically, but when I tried that after
>> stepping into the script only stack it didn't work. This was before
>> the fix that removed the ghosted remote scripts, so maybe it would
>> work now.
>> At any rate, remote debugging a script only stack isn't easy and is
>> sometimes impossible.
>> --
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