Datagrid: pControlRect, pWorkingRect, theFieldRect

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Dec 25 14:15:11 EST 2018

I have been through the lesson on datagrids. I have search for "pControlRect" and "pWorkingRect" and theFieldRect and get a few hits, but clicking  on "5 results found" takes to you to an index with no further information.

Perhaps someone can succinctly question these ?'s

1) What is the relationship between the size of the datagrid and the card rect? I assume this is obvious, but it the first in the "hierarchy" so I thought ask.

2) What it relationship between the pWorkingRect and
* The card rect?
* The datagrid rect?
* And the pControlRect?

3) What it relationship between the pControlRect and
* The card rect?
* The datagrid rect?
* And the pWorkingRect?

You might ask me, what I am trying to do? 

Well, it seems "hard" to get the form rowTemplate to appear exactly where I want it on the card. Which is 414 pixels wide.  But we get strange results in a log.

pWorkRect =	 	-1,104,433,135
pControlRect = 	-1,89,438,155

The background of the rowTemplate is only 400 px? 
 (which contains a graphic and field)

So... where is the "layout hierarchy" in all of that?  

One has no "params" to work with that make sense to me (today anyway?)



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