HTML5 severely undocumented

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Mon Dec 24 10:11:57 EST 2018

As I'm trying to work out why it is that the datagrid does not work in
HTML5, I've realised that there are many really basic features of Livecode
that do not work in HTML5.  For instance, in a field the backspace key does
not work.  Moreover, it appears that the rawKeyDown message is not
implemented, so I can't implement my own backspacekey handler.

Surely the Dictionary should at least indicate which features are not
implemented?  When I start to go through the Dictionary, I can'd even
discover if something is implemented without building an HTML5 app and then
seeing if that command works.

We can't even rely on the Dictionary NOT mentioning HTML5 in the
Platform/OS category of the Dictionary entry as being indicative of whether
or not something is supported.  For example, the Dictionary entry for
"Create [button]" does not say that this is implemented in HTML5 but it
works (I found out through trial and error). So a command that's been in
xCard for some decades is not indicated as being implemented for HTML5.
But rawKeyDown has probably been in Livecode/Metacard for 20 years, but
that too is not listed as being implemented in the HTML5 engine. This
vagueness about what should work and what doesn't is woefully inadequate.

It is over 4 years since the HTML5 standalone was first funded, and I think
3 years since it was first working (for some definition of working). Surely
it should by now at least be documented what works and what does not?
Considering that Runrev expects most customers to pay an additional license
for HTML5 deployment this is very disappointing.

Here's what Kevin said in 2014. "Anywhere you can run an HTML5 capable
browser, you will be able to run your app."  Now I'm sure that there are
limitations imposed by the emscripten engine that Livecode over which
Livecode have no control.  But at the very least, there should have been a
list of Livecode features that don't work in HMTL5.

I'm not expecting any reply to this until after christmas.  But I need to
get it off my chest.  After being away from Livecode for some years, I am
disappointed to find I can't even work out if I can use HTML5 except
through trial and error.


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