Datagrids in HTML5

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Mon Dec 24 03:05:48 EST 2018

Hi folks

Am I mistaken in thinking datagrids are now supposed to work in HTML5?  My
datagrid and its contents display, but clicking on column headers has no

I ensured that the datagrid library was being included in the standalone
settings. The datagrid template substack of the mainstack is listed in the
HTML5 app as a substack.  However, when a pertinent "do" command e.g.

    set the dgProps["show header"] of grp "datagrid 1" to false

is issued in the HTML5 app, it has no effect. I built the same stack for
Windows and HTML5, and the datagrid works as expected in the Windows

If datagrids don't work for HTML5, then I'm surprised they display at all.
Is there a list somewhere of what is supposed to work in HTML5 and what
does not work?


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