Understanding Image Sizes, Before And Display

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Sat Dec 22 23:11:39 EST 2018

That only works if no cropping of the original occur. 

I just discovered today that

1) crop does not work on a referenced image.
2) But hold the cmd key down will crop the image (we know that) 


3) Cropping in the image in the IDE using the cmd key "wipes" the file reference. It is an "embedded" image. 

4) I think I had booby trapped myself because I had the image lockLoc set to the true and didn't realize it. But it is not on, setting the filename bring back the formatted size.

5) Now, what is missing is cropping the image by script.... you can do it in the IDE.

So if you had 8 images sized  and cropped on the bottom, then you played with  the design. Then a "stackholder" says "Nah, can  you make  them 6 px smaller from bottom."

You have no choice but to set the filenames again and manually crop each one. 


    >Well after all these years, I want to know the original width
    >and height of reference image ...
    You could use the formattedWidth and the formattedHeight.

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