.app to .ipa converter and Xcode version for Mojave?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Mon Dec 10 14:30:53 EST 2018

Aloha Jerry,


unfortunately its too lean....

Get ready for the nightmare to come.

You will need:

1) We assume that you have a developer license. $103.95 cents year. 

# get an account

Apples doesn’t care about your Veterans Association budget. They are intent on being the richest company to world. Greed incarnate. 

2) You need to install an SSL security certificate on you Mac.
    Keychain Access.app, via the developer portal (it gives you instructions)

3) now you can assign 100 devices for one year by giving the portal the UUIC for each device. I have a memo describing how to get that from users, if want that, send me email off list.

4) next you create a provisioning profile. It is tied to security certificate that is registered at the portal/on you mac. And it has the number of devices that you want to use for testing (you can pick them from the portal)

5) You download the provisioning profile ... it will be automatically installed 

/Users/*user*/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles/124312341234.mobileprovision

6) Now you can choose the profile in the Standalone Builder!

7) *now* you can make the IPA.  Yay!  Put it on a web server and those devices which are registered with the profile, can open it

It most complicated than that. I would help you off list.

But you need to be an official Apple developer first. 


    can i put this ipa on any iOs mobile corresponding to the set iOs version?
    Or do i need to have some code from the phone and register it somewhere 
    at apple?
    I know that via apple you can distribute up to 100 phones or something. 
    But for an non-profit veterans association this is not affordable.
    Thanks for any explanation.

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