Show invisible characters (tab, space, return) in field

hh hh at
Sun Dec 9 11:35:18 EST 2018

> Kaveh wrote:
> You are right. It's getting complicated :-) So why does 200A allow
> wrapping and 200B does not? 

Perhaps a team member can come in? And corrects this/explains this better:

0x200B is probably not in LC's word-break table (for word wrapping)
because it is usually used to indicate optional hyphenation locations.
And there is no hyphenation in LC's field implementation. So it would
be wrong to add this to the (full-)word-break table.

And the hair space (0x200A) is, of course, of advantage against a space
only if you don't use a fixed-width font.

> > > Kaveh wrote: 
> > > There is a also a zero width character. :-) that is 200B. 
> > > So using a monospace font all chars line up. 
> >
> > This works if and only if your field has dontWrap true, else your 
> > line will not (soft-)break at the new "spaces" between the words. 

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