Xcode for El Capitan

Paul Dupuis paul at researchware.com
Sun Dec 9 10:30:02 EST 2018

Thank you everyone for the tips.

Some background explanation: For better or worse, we do our LiveCode 
development on Windows and we only use OSX for (1) Code signing 
(AppWrapper) and packaging in a DMG (DropDMG) and (2) QA testing of the 
app for OSX (done by others in our company). We have a OSX 10.9.5 
(Mavericks) system set up with out Certificates in out Keychain, the 
appropriate version of Xcode, AppWrapper 2.x, and DropDMG and everything 
was working very nicely. We only do a couple applications for OSX 
available on our website, not via the App store and no iOS apps.

Then, the Mavericks box crashed really really hard - completely 
unrecoverable. So we moved on to another available OSX box with El 
Capitan and are trying to reconstruct a signing environment. We now have 
XCode 8.2.1 and AppWrapper 3 and DropDMG, but we're having problems 
getting our Certificates (downloaded from the Apple Developer site) into 
the KeyChain in a way where they are recognized by AppWrapper.

It has been so long since this was last setup, everything has changed. 
Can folks point me to any documentation or guidance that simplifies 
this? I have found the Apple Developer site to be far far too "apple 
developer speak" for me to get any meaningful guidance from.

Thank you in advance.

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