Datagrid Refresh

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Dec 9 09:08:33 EST 2018

Continuing to work on Datagrid
I can't figure out refresh. (9.2 stable)

1) I click on the inspector for the datagrid
2) Click on row template
3) Select to group
4) Edit the group, 
5) Make my field "rowName" non-opaque with a few light text color.
6) A linear gradient to background. It is opaque and visible
7) Save the group rowTemple
8) Hit refresh on the inspector for the datagrid
Result: I see the  nearly white text of the fld "rowName" but the background is white and does not show the gradient. Thinking "hmm, datagrid does not support gradient.." switch the background color to simple black, visible, opaque --*still* it does not appear refresh?

What do I do to refresh to datagrid? see

Also, secondary question: where does the  rect of pControlRect and  pWorkingrect come from? 

If I put

on LayoutControl pControlRect, pWorkingRect
   put pControlrect&CR&pWorkingRect

I get the same result. It seems we don't have control over these rects?


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