Safari vs Browser Widget

hh hh at
Wed Dec 5 14:43:08 EST 2018

>> Dan F. wrote:
>> I am working on a HTML5 web page that accesses the device's camera.
>> When I open the url in Safari (on my Mac or iOS device), I am asked
>> if it's ok to use the camera and everything works perfectly!
>> However, if I load this same url in the Browser Widget (or a plain
>> native browser), it doesn’t ask to use the camera and it all fails.
>> Is this a limitation of the implementation of the browser in LiveCode,
>> or is there a setting I have to set?
> hh wrote:

> The getUserMedia() dialog doesn't work in the browser widget.
> You could try to do that "as javascript" in your HTML5 app.

We meanwhile know that Dan needs it for mobile onl, so a HTML5
standalone will not work for that.

To demonstrate this works on desktop with a HTML5 standalone try this
with Chrome, Firefox or Safari (use newest):

This is *very* basic, a first step into WebRTC.

Your webcam is started from the standalone, the mediaDevice dialog
and the video display is in the webpage. The display could be 'moved',
with loosing some frames/second, to the standalone.

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