LC-apps for HC

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Sat Dec 1 22:38:38 EST 2018

As far as I know, LC includes all the scripted paint commands that HC had, 
and adds native color besides. The stacks I've imported that used painting 
commands worked with few changes, mostly only needing to slow them down due 
to LC's faster engine and more modern CPUs.

The OP wants to emulate MacPaint, so image size limitations probably won't 
be an issue.

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>> Richard G. wrote:
>> ... Is there anything in MacPaint that can't be done with LC's bitmap objects?
> "That can't be done" wins always, because the only limit for LC is the sky
> (more exactly, sadly, the sky below the 65535-limit for all coordinates).
> But there's a lot of features that are not done with LC's bitmap objects.
> Even in a comparison with the paint features of HC some are missing (which
> of course can be done, because the limit ...).
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