Detailed File Information for One File

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If you have the path and filename, you could create a subfolder "temp" just for the purpose of reading the details of a single file.


move the file into "temp".

get the detailed fiiles.

move the file from "temp" back to where you got it from.


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Bob Sneidar wrote:

 > I can't find anything on the forums, which is par for the course, evwn
 > though I know it's been discussed. Is there an LC way to get details
 > about a file without shelling out to do it? I need to get the last
 > modified date of a file so I can check to see if I need to update the
 > version in a database when importing it. I would very much NOT like
 > having to get the detailed files of a folder and filter for the file I
 > am looking for as I already have a path to the actual file, and a
 > folder may contain a lot of files.

I do not believe this has been implemented yet:

That said, wasteful as "the detailed files" is it's probably more
efficient in most cases than the overhead of initing a shell session.
I've had good performance even in directories with tens of thousands of

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