Contributing to the IDE

Monte Goulding monte at
Fri Apr 20 05:00:30 EDT 2018

> ​Sorry, one other point: yes, you are correct, working from a pre-built
> distribution is exactly the question I was asking, and if the only issue is
> syncing the IDE files with the development versions, that seems like a
> small issue: many of the files at
> are
> months to years from their last update. Ditto for
> That
> makes it seem as though it would absolutely be possible to work on the IDE
> in the current 9.x release, with the caveat that merge conflicts would be
> *slightly* more likely. ​
> Or am I missing something?

I think you are missing that once setup to build then it’s just once click in xcode or visual studio or one command on linux and you can rebuild and run the correct engine for the IDE so spending any time trying to figure out how to avoid such a small amount of work doesn’t seem that helpful. Additionally once setup like that you can patch anything from engine, docs, widgets, ide… so it’s much less limiting.



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