filename in standalones for Mac - changed recently?

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Tue Apr 17 11:46:36 EDT 2018

The other day when firing up TextWrangler, I saw the message that Apple 
now shows once when opening a 32bit app – that it should be updated (for 
64bit). Which got me thinking about older Livecode projects.

A few years ago I did a series of modules for a client (using Livecode 
7) that included many mp3 files, in a folder named 'media' and accessed 
through a player. I had used this in the stack script:

on setgMediaPath
    global gMediaPath

         //-------SET THE MEDIA PATH; for some reason this MUST be in 
its own handler, not in openStack or preOpenStack
    set the itemDelimiter to slash
    put the effective fileName of this stack into gMediaPath
    delete the last item of gMediaPath
    put gMediaPath & slash & "media" & slash into gMediaPath

end setgMediaPath

Today I opened up a module in LiveCode 9, chose Mac OS X 64-bit, and 
made a standalone, but the sound files didn't play. After rummaging 
around in the package and some experimenting, it seems the module now 
wants sound files to be in


The dictionary for 9.0 has this cryptic entry for 'filename':

"The use of was deprecated in version 8.1 of LiveCode with new defaults 
for and as true on all systems apart from pre OS X 10.8. The Windows 
build of LiveCode no longer supports any features and setting the and
will have no effect. Additionally does not include 64 bit support and 
therefore can not be supported on OS X 64 bit builds of LiveCode."

1) If the client wants to go ahead and update for 64bit compatibility at 
some point, will I need to go into each module and replace

    put gMediaPath & slash & "media" & slash into gMediaPath


put gMediaPath & slash & "Resources" & slash & "_MacOS" & slash & 
"media" & slash into gMediaPath

2) Any other issues to be aware of when managing this transition?


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