Getting Orientation Enforced on Phone

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I've tried everything. It's gets even more bizarre. The last time I tested
this is what I got:

iOS: LC respects the device's orientation lock.
Android: LC does NOT respect the device's orientation lock.
iOS: If the LC app is in portrait, iPhone/iPod will change orientation
without rotating the physical device if mobileSetAllowedOrientations set to
only landscape(like Netflix) and lock it there. On iPad LC will not force
the rotation and will not lock it if you rotates the device.
Android: LC will not force the rotation but will lock it if you rotate the

To fix this right we need:
1) mobileSetAllowedOrientations should be just that. This should be a end
user rotation permissions.
2) Add new==> mobileSetOrientation (pOrientation,
pRespectDeviceOrientationLock {true|false})

That's it. Until LC does this, we'll have a mishmash of behaviors and wrong
card rendering. Playing with all sorts of waits is just madness.

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# using this method to change stack

go  cardOrStackObject  # e.g   go "gems" (or this string)  go card 3 of
 wait 100 milliseconds with messages
 close stack oStackName
 wait 100 milliseconds with messages

# don't try to go in same window method

( we used "set the fullscreenmode of this stack to "showAll"  in all stacks)

Now, we can get orientation "enforced" on iOS going one way -- portrait to
landscape --

but not coming back for  -- landscape to portrait --

Users sees the bottom on the portrait, until right they phone upright)

Android is worse, the landscape stack is rendering horizontally on a
portrait screen until they rotate the phone.
and vice versa

I really need to phone to "enforce" , regardless of phone is held.

You can't have a game/map (landscape) open "miniaturized" by portrait

      mobileSetAllowedOrientations  "landscape left,landscape right"
      mobileSetAllowedOrientations  "landscape left,landscape right"

the dictionary says

"the setting take affect the next time an orientation change is applied"

But it is enforced to iOS going for portrait to landscape. Why not to other
And either way on Android

Has anyone solved this problem.

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