Mobile Native Essentials Widget Pack

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Wed Apr 11 23:19:20 EDT 2018

It not the money, certainly worth it… 
but it’s that for every widget I have to create a 

if isMobile() then
    # use the widget
    # development is being on desktop.
    # then what?
End if

Maybe I am missing something?

Even if developing from mobile on desktop … 
we need a reasonable representation to take this widgets place on desktop.
A seamless environment.


Alex Tweedly wrote:

    2. it would be really nice if there were also a desktop version of each 
    of these. I *want* to be able to create a project that works on all 
    platforms (and, in particular, on the ones that allow for the 
    super-quick development cycle we get for desktop).

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