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Mark Talluto mark at
Thu Apr 12 11:46:15 EDT 2018

The marketing of these widgets and the other 3rd party extensions could use a little work. The descriptions for those that I clicked on where sparse and lacking screenshots. Licensing should be better addressed as well. Clicking on any of the widgets in the aforementioned pack makes it look like each widget is $49. But, if you continue a bit further, you can see that they lead back to the bunch being sold for $49. Confusing…yes.  
I found installing them to be painless because I was using LC 9 gm at the time. The installer should do a quick check on the LC version and provide helpful information. A sample stack containing all the widgets would have been a nice touch. LC requirements should be listed for all extensions in the store. Basically, the concerns listed by us all apply to every extension I reviewed. FWIW, lcTaskList does have a screenshot. Some of the extensions in the store come with readme files, instructions, and licensing details. Maybe some or all of these details need to be more public facing. Should improve sales for everyone involved.  

This is generally referred to as the productization of a tool. It is equally time consuming and sometimes more painful than the creation of the tool itself. Based on all the feedback so far, it is clear that it is important. I am sure there was excitement by both Digital Pomegranate and LiveCode to make these widgets available to us. 

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> On Apr 11, 2018, at 4:56 PM, Alex Tweedly via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> But then if I go to <> I discover that I have v1.0.0 available to download - or I can pay a further $58 to upgrade to v0.5.0 !?
> So I clicked on the download button, and got a zip/folder called "WidgetPackBeta"
> Now I have a bunch of ".lce" files, one per widget, plus a WidgetPackInstaller.livecode
> Running that gives me a dialog asking "install all" - click that gives me an error
> stack "Widget Pack Installer": execution error at line 33 (Handler: can't find handler) near "revIDEExtensionInstall", char 1
> so I guess I need to go read about installing widget extensions ...

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