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Phil Davis revdev at pdslabs.net
Wed Apr 11 13:11:40 EDT 2018

Hi Charles,

On the surface it sounds to me like it might be a text encoding issue. 
You could do an experiment to find out. Since the textEncode() function 
isn't available in LC 6.1.3, you would have to use uniEncode() to encode 
your Word doc content before writing it to disk and handing it off to Word.

I'm rusty, but I believe you would do it like so:

     put uniEncode(tMyContent) into url ("binfile:" & tMyDocPath)

Like I said, this is an experiment to see if it makes the desired 
difference! But at least it might tell you something. And it's possible 
it will change other parts of your document into a form you don't want.

And it's possible I'm altogether wrong!

Best -
Phil Davis

On 4/10/18 9:25 PM, Charles Szasz via use-livecode wrote:
> I am having difficulty with a data tag in WordReport.  I am using LC 6.1.3.
> How do you keep a data tag from inserting an extra line after the data tag?   I have one data tag that keeps inserting an extra line before a non-data tag line.  The data tag has a cr immediately after it. When a Word document is created, the cr is moved to the next line creating an extra line.  I have look at formatting but cannot figure how to fix the problem.
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