Moving on from 8.* to 9.*

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Wed Sep 20 15:33:03 EDT 2017

Now that we have the app in the iOS app store… with one big bug pending on the Android version…

I am working on the first 'fixes" and upgrades for V1.1 of the app.

Again, as is often the case for many of us through the years, I have a case of "choice paralysis" with respect to what would be the most useful decision. Stay inside the 8.* version track?  or move up to  the 9.* version track

I do tend to enjoy living on the cutting edge… not so much "enjoy" as avail of the new features sooner than later.

But now that we are developing real world apps that go out to the stores and this is no an in-house toolbox sandbox, it seems wise to be more conservative. I can't afford any horrible crashes with stack corruption (hasn't happened in years, but you never know) So bottom line question is: For those who have adopt  using 9.*

a) are you able to build successfully for iOS and Android with no issues?
b) do you face serious caveats that would warn against moving up

e.g. in this realm is that our enterprise admin here just issued a huge warning not to upgrade to Apple's latest OS, because everything we use will break…

So what about 9.0.0 DP8  are you happy with this? Anything you can share with the more conservative users here that prefer to sit pat on their old versions based on "if it is not broken, don't fix" it philosophy?

I understand it's not a problem to install several different version and I have just downloaded both 8.2 DP1  and 9.0.0DP 8

but before diving in… would like to hear from anyone here… on issues with 9.*


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