OT: recommendations for Installer Maker

Thierry Douez th.douez at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 03:55:07 EDT 2017

Hallo Tiemo,

I believe Mark has a good time on the beach :)

If I remember well, he said few days ago that his company will be closed
for holidays.

Kind regards,


2017-09-20 9:22 GMT+02:00 Tiemo Hollmann TB

> Hello,
> I am using Installer Maker, version 1.8.7 from Mark S. on Mac.

This version
> ​ ​
> is not LC 8 compatible.

I don't get any responses on requests anymore from
> him (perhaps it's only me?).

Does anybody is in contact with him or knows,

Thierry Douez - sunny-tdz.com
sunnYrex - sunnYtext2speech - sunnYperl - sunnYmidi - sunnYmage

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