Dash "Make DocSet" stack version 1.6. and non-Mac Dash readers

James Hale james at thehales.id.au
Mon Sep 18 23:18:29 EDT 2017

The Dash "Make DocSet" stack has been updated to version 1.6. 

See the details below. Hopefully this will be the final update, although I see Monte has been modifying some doc formats. See below.

I have also noticed that Dash like readers exist on other platforms. Some paid for, some free. Given I do not have these platforms I can't report on how good they are, or not.

	Velocity      <http://velocity.silverlakesoftware.com/>

Linux (and Windows): 
	Zeal       <http://zealdocs.org/>

	LovelyDocs        <https://apkmonk.com/app/com.lovelyhq.android.lovelydocs/>

Version 1.6
• Reworked formatting scripts to to handle Description block as well as description blocks in Parameter and Value sections.
• Description blocks now handle correctly formatted code snippets.
• Description blocks now format lists (up to 2 levels) correctly.
• Reworked Examples section formatting to correctly group blocks of code.
• Added "Tags" values

Doc updates and formatting.
Those of you who have looked at the documentation files on GitHub may have noticed a certain lack of consistency in how they are formatted. Indeed when I put together the Data Grid guide I was at a loss as to how some things needed to be formatted as although they are mainly markdown they aren't completely.
Looking at the non doc files (xxx.ldoc) as well as the self generating aspects of widget docs and you can appreciate parsing these files is not always simple.
The work done on "LiveCode Documentation Format Reference" has really been a great help here.
However there are still many files that will need tweaking along the way.
Consequently the appearance of a document in Dash (or compatible reader) is very much dependant on the original source adhering to what is now understood re formatting. Of course this goes for my understanding of the formatting too :-)
Should there be any major changes I will endeavour to incorporate them in an update to "Make DocSet"


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