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Mon Sep 18 14:39:10 EDT 2017

Yes. First, clear all breakpoints from the Debug menu of the Script Editor. Next, in a script editor window, towards the bottom, there is a Breakpoints tab. If any breakpoints remain, delete them. Save your app, quit and relaunch LC. Breakpoints *should* trigger normally again. 

If that does not work, then try this: I have noticed that at times, and for reasons unknown (maybe from copy/pasting) non-printing characters get into a script and can mess it up in different ways. It's a long shot, but copy the whole contents of the script, paste it into a text only application like TextEdit on a Mac or Notepad for Windows (not WordPad that is word lite). Then copy THAT and paste back into the script editor. 

Failing that, you may want to submit a bug report but LC is no longer actively developing for V6, if I am not mistaken so don't hold your breath. 

Bob S

> On Sep 18, 2017, at 11:21 , Jean-Jacques Wagner via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hallo
> Still working with on 6.7.7 but experiencing a lot of troubles with breakpoint, can’t set, have to activate before each run otherwise don’t trigger. Script debugging become a nightmare. I’ll never have seen such a bad behavior. Does anyone nows how to circumvent this missbehavior.
> Jean-Jacques Wagner 

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