LiveCode 8.2.0 DP-1 Dropping Keystrokes in IDE

RunRevPlanet feed at
Mon Sep 18 00:20:14 EDT 2017


> Ok, great, I’m definitely reproducing it here

Nice to know, I will leave it with you.

Good luck! My 2 cents worth says that the nature of the 8.x series engine and
the way the 8.x IDE is coded will make it a challenge.

Since 8.1.6 Stable is already "laggy" on my high spec PC and not as responsive
as I would like, it seems inevitable that an Autocomplete feature will make the
situation worse.

Already, I am forced to revert to 7.1.4, each time I use one of my lowest spec
machines because of travel and weight constraints.

With the trend to low cost portable machines with long battery life (especially
for students) the old approach of "Don't worry if the software runs slow, the
next Intel Generation will fix it!" is a risky strategy for a tool like LiveCode
that seems partially aimed at the education sector.

Unless fundamental issues like this, and Quality Control is given a long hard
look the LiveCode IDE is not going to win, or keep, the new users it needs.

Hard words, I know, but someone has to say it.

Basically, I cannot use 8.2.0 DP-1, so that is one extra set of eyes that are
not going to be going over it looking for bugs.

I hope 8.2.0 DP-2 comes out soon and fixes this issue.

Scott McDonald

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