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Thierry Douez th.douez at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 05:23:31 EDT 2017

2017-09-15 11:19 GMT+02:00 Charles Warwick :

> Hi Theirry,
> On 15/09/2017 7:08 PM, Thierry Douez wrote:
>> ​I guess both methods are safe?
>> or is there some advantages with one or the other?
>> I'm using it within a Livecode Mail Composer.
>> Based on an export of my server DB, I'm scanning some address,
>> build dynamically the html-email and send one by one all emails.
> Both are safe.  Generally, if you are going to be making multiple
> connections to the same server (in this case, sending a number of e-mails)
> fairly quickly, then allowing tsNet to reuse an existing SSL/TLS connection
> to the server will be quicker (it doesn't have to establish the SSL
> connection each time).
​Good to know what's behind the scene,
thanks again.

your SMTP external is a great feature !


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