Livecode docset for Dash

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Tue Sep 12 04:56:55 EDT 2017


Just wanted to say thanks so much for creating this. I'm a Dash user,
always have it open with LC and this will help the LC workflow

Just a note, when I double clicked on the docset to activate it, it
started Xcode. I'd hope anyone who is using LC would be able to figure
out how to fix that but it may be worth mentioning in your

As far as your 'sw' title for your switch snippet goes, that's easy to fix:

sw3b --switch statement with 3 case and no default (b = break or blank
however it helps to remember)
sw3d --switch statement with 3 case and default (d = default)
sw6b --you get the picture

No chance of false activation this way, massive typing time saver :-)

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