script/engine broken when moved to 64bit server at JaguarPC

Curtis Ford curt at
Fri Sep 8 11:53:26 EDT 2017

For several years I've had a system on JaguarPC involving a simple 
script that calls Livecode server, with script and server engine in the 
cgi-bin folder. Last weekend we were moved to 'sagitarius,' a 64bit 
server, and our system has broken.

I tried uploading the 64bit version (from and setting permissions to 755, 
but without success. JaguarPC isn't familiar with Livecode and hasn't 
been able to suggest anything; the older, 32bit server we were on, 
peach, has been retired and we can't go back to it.

Any ideas of what to try? Our system hasn't needed any of the drivers or 
externals that come with the livecode-server file.


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