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Terry Judd terry.judd at unimelb.edu.au
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I’m a bit like you, I have an aging Air and will probably replace it soon with a 13 inch Macbook Pro (without the touch bar). Portability is important to me so 15 inch is too big to lug around (I had couple of Macbook Pro 15 inch models prior to the Air, so know what that’s like).

Screen real estate is an issue for me though and when I’m in the office, at work or home, I tend to hook into an external monitor (one is 21 inch the other 23) and this makes things a lot easier for LC development – particularly for mobile stuff, where I often have LC and the simulator open or even two copies of LC.

If portability was a non-issue I’d be very tempted by a 27 inch iMac, but even at home I do find myself using my Air in different places for different reasons on quite a regular basis. That flexibility would be tough to give up.


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    I'm thinking of replacing my 2011 macbook air with a new macbook, but I'm
    torn on which one to go for.  Primary uses are going to be LC development
    and browser goodness.
    Before anyone chimes in about Windoze or LInux, I already have both of
    those covered.
    Things I'm wondering about:
    1) Screen real estate:  Appearance aside, is there an advantage to retina?
    Do I get more working space if I don't go to a 15" display?
    2) I don't notice the speed of this box affecting much of anything.  For
    development, does cpu really matter?  I suspect I'd do better with some
    more memory, but has anyone noticed that it matters?
    3) I can get a 27" 5k imac pretty nicely equipped for the same price as a
    15" MBP.  Ignoring the portability issue, any thoughts?
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