how to split a list in two directions?

Jim Lambert jiml at
Sat Oct 28 14:23:56 EDT 2017

> Tiemo wrote:
> I have a delimiter separated list of two columns, first column is an ID,
> second column a name.
> I need two arrays of this list, one with the first column (ID) as the key
> and one with the second column (name) as the key.
> With split myArray by CR and ";"I get the first column (the ID) as the key.
> Which is the most straight forward approach to get the second array with the
> name from the second column as the key? 

Not a one-liner!

set the columnDelimiter to ";"
split myList by column -- your original delimiter separated list of two columns
put myList[2] into mySecondArray[1]
put myList[1] into mySecondArray[2]
combine mySecondArray by column
split mySecondArray by CR and “;”

Jim Lambert

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