not really OT: The Coming Software Apocalypse

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Mon Oct 16 02:33:43 EDT 2017

Thanks for the link, which was very interesting.  There is a quite deep
insight there about what made Hypercard so inviting, and why LC is so
accessible.  Its not just drag and drop, its working directly with the thing
one is making.  Of course you still end up typing a lot of text, but these
systems are a small part of the way to what the people interviewed are
talking about.

I recall a moment many years ago now when the difference between the
ordinary user's understanding and the coder's suddenly became apparent.  In
the early days of the Web we did a demo for a senior manager of a new
interface.  He had never used a computer - as was quite common back in those
days.  He heard about it with some puzzlement and then asked us to print it
out.  We looked at each other and you could see everyone wondering how on
earth they were going to explain that this just wasn't possible...  That
whatever we handed over on set of A4s was not going to be what we were
talking about.

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