Commmunity widget #53

hh hh at
Sun Oct 15 16:30:05 EDT 2017

Just shared a new widget. Works in LC 8 (8.1.5ff) of LC 9 (9.0.0ff).

Oct 15, 2017: hhColorPicker 1.0.0
#53 -- see

The widget runs as "ordinary widget", sending a message "cholorChosen <color>"
that you can use in your scripts
it runs as popup-widget (modeless dialog), stays on screen until you click
outside of it (cancelling) or you click "OK" (returning the chosen
RGBA-color, you may use the A-value for the blendLevel).

Built-in is a picker for getting the color of any screenPixel (choose the
method as the using mouseColor or a snapshot). These are the LCS-methods
that yield good approximations as long as the clicked pixel is fully opaque
(else the values are weighted by the pixel's alpha value).

For downloading the widget use the [b]hh-widgets-un-installer[/b] from "Sample Stacks" of the LC toolbar (or download from ).

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