Autocompletion of quotes on LC 8.2,0 DP-1

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Wed Oct 11 22:20:58 EDT 2017

Bill P. wrote:  I find that, for the autocompletion of quotes in the new editor, that I’m deleting them as often as I use them. It’s nice to see the text red when quotes are not completed, but ….. I can live with it, but for me, it’s not an improvement.
I found this also, but wondered then how to make it work. Like Monte says: for so long it was absent we don't use the default behavior to advantage. Just to say the obvious, in case it helps:

Typically the "old way" we may be writing strings and prefer the thought process not be interrupted with the punctuation requirements

answer Some Message with OK

then going back and hitting a quote in front or at the end and getting next to each other in front of the string. 

But slowly now changing the "muscle memory" instead of hitting a quote at the end…shift select to the front of the string and *then* hit quote. Bingo. I am actually going through a similar "re-training" in Sublime text where I was not using auto completion to advantage.  It gets even better once you have confidence in the feature… enough to instinctively know that you will be entering a quoted string *before* you start… 

answer "|"  and your cursor is placed ready to go.  

So, yep.. it's new, yes, seemed like a nuisance at first, but now I like it. Because I think in the end we will be able to write code more effortlessly than ever, which of course was the intent. Point: Bill, you might try not turning it off and see if you can "twig" it (something new I learned from UK.


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