Autocompletion of quotes on LC 8.2,0 DP-1

William Prothero waprothero at
Wed Oct 11 21:29:52 EDT 2017

I find that, for the autocompletion of quotes in the new editor, that I’m deleting them as often as I use them. It’s nice to see the text red when quotes are not completed, but ….. I can live with it, but for me, it’s not an improvement.

Other than that, I like it a lot and haven’t found any new bugs yet. EXCEPT for the script editor window moving up the screen every time it’s opened. I have a small handler to reposition it, but ….. I figure that since the project browser doesn’t behave that way, it ought to be easy to just use the positioning code that it uses, for the editor window.

Bill P

William A. Prothero

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