Dispatching Messages to Closed Stacks Which Are Not in Memory

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Mon May 15 23:47:30 EDT 2017

right, I can see the stack in the project browser after the dispatch call but it is not actually open as a top stack… what doesn't make sense is that

a) there is no dictionary word "open"

b) but if you run

open "gems" in the msg box it opens the stack in the GUI as the top stack

c) If you close the stack and remove from memory but run "dispatch" some handler to that stack

"re-opens" but is not open in the GUI as a top stack…
 Yes it's stack script is available for us to talk to; 
but it is not "really" open in the way that 

open "gems" opens it. OK… 

d) I suspect it is open in mode 0

- **Mode 0: closed but loaded**

confirmed: put the mode of stack "gems"
[returns] 0

so "re-open" is misleading.. it is closed but loaded (new concept for me after 30 years of xtalk!)

so what is the optimum option (especially for mobile) to show the stack after loading it?  

"Go me"  or  "toplevel me"  
neither work  in the handler in the stack "gems") which is in mode 0…   "me" seems to continue to refer to the stack issuing the dispatch (stack "journal")

I have to pass an explicit reference to the stack  by using it's own name that is loaded but not open…  

so our generic "journalResume" handler now looks like this where

this script is in the stack "gems" that is "closed but loaded"

and pEntryA["module"] = "gems"

on journalResume  pDataA, pEntryA
   answer "Got the Resume Message" with "OK"
   go stack  pEntryA["module"]  
end journalResume

that works… and the logic makes sense.

but seems like we have to work too hard… 
would be neater to have a way to dispatch and toplevel at the same time.

i.e. " Executing a dispatch command causes the message to be sent to the
target object with the given argument list."  have dispatch also be able to set the mode of the stack it is sending the message to.



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    Any reference to a stack will re-open it. The reference here is in the 
    dispatch command.

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