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Guys,  I would love to get the contents of the Master Library into github,  but that is beyond my technical ability.  

I created the library so I had 1) an index/table of contents and 2) the ability to only pull into my projects what I needed.   I also wanted to give back to the people on this list that had helped me for so long.  

If you can figure our how to do it,  I'm game,  but you will have teach this old dog some new tricks.  

-= Mike

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Mike Kerner wrote:

> The code was relatively easy.  What I was more interested in was
> either building or finding a central repo for a library of routines.

Right now the most comprehensive collection I know of is Michael Doub's 
Master Library:

It might be nice if that was extended to pull from Github resources - a 
good community project perhaps?

In lieu of that, posting it on Github is very useful:  easy to search, 
and the more LC repos we see the more likely we'll see LiveCode on the 
TIOBE index more often.

In fact, any and all LiveCode resources clearly marked as being about 
"LiveCode" will help LC get the attention it deserves on the TIOBE Index:

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