Problem with converting time

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Fri Mar 17 18:33:19 EDT 2017

I am in Chapel Hill,  NC.   I am using Hostm and I really don't know,   I would have expected the time to be less if on the west coast of the US.  


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Michael Doub wrote:
> Sorry guys, I must not have been clear in my statement of the
> problem.
> Here is the code:
> put 1489755600 into tVar
> convert tVar into dateitems
>   -- on the mac tVar contains 2017,3,17,9,0,0,6
>   -- on the server tVar contains 2017,3,17,12,0,0,6
> The local time should not be involved since you are converting a
> fixed value.  What is happening?

Humor me: what city is your server in, and what city are you in?

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