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Mark Waddingham mark at livecode.com
Thu Mar 9 03:26:46 EST 2017

On 2017-03-08 14:51, Roger Eller via use-livecode wrote:
> So... Why not convert the forms to high-res (300+ dpi) PNG or JPEG as 
> Mark
> suggests as one of the many options, and overlay LiveCode fields to 
> create
> an app for filling the form?  Once filled in, merge the high-res image 
> with
> the collected field data into a fresh new PDF generated via the Quartum 
> Library (using 100% LiveCode scripting).
> http://users.telenet.be/quartam/pdf4rev/benefits.html

This sounds like a good balance. I should perhaps point out (after my 
slightly 'gloomy' post) that generating PDF files by hand for specific 
is not that hard as they are mostly text files (in their simplest form).

In Dr Hawkins case, it sounds like images + overlaid text is sufficient 
and as
long as the text is ASCII then Quartam PDF's abilities should be more 
than up
to the task.

[ The reason I mention ASCII text here is that one of the hardest parts 
generating PDF (and PostScript, to be fair) is actually text rendering. 
they are both display/print oriented output formats they require text to 
fully processed into positioned glyphs taken from subsets of embedded 
If however you stick to ASCII, or the slightly larger standard Adobe 
with the default PostScript fonts then most of the complexity falls 
away. ]

The hard part about PDF support (at both sides) is generality - which is 
you need if you have no control over what PDFs are coming in, or what 
need to be printed to PDF.

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