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> If You HAVE tom use the ACTUAL government PDF and be pixel perfect then how
> can you be printing anything of any type out as a pdf
> whether with eps or any changed fields - maybe I haen't read all the posts
> but am I missing something?

Overlaying the output fields on top of the eps.  When viewed/printed, it
looks like the original has been typed upon.

> Can you explain in 1 place without assuming anything in the least amount of
> words what the workflow is what you want to input what you want to get out
> and where does the eps fit into this - if you are suppose to use THE
> mandated pdf.

I break it into pieces, rather than using the whole page, as parts repeat.

I've tossed together a video showing this at

I suppose a widget that could display an eps would do on-screen (but then
again, for on-screen a 72dpi image will do), but that wouldn't solve the
print to pdf issue (but as I mentioned elsewhere, I think that only takes
one line of code.

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