Build a simple app on HTML5 [WAS: Re: Build a simple app on Android]

Alex Tweedly alex at
Sun Jul 30 19:07:30 EDT 2017

Thanks Herman. I guess I'll have to wait ... the "same domain" 
limitation makes it unfeasible for me to use it for now.


btw - while looking at that entry in the release notes (for dp8), I 
noticed the paragraph above it. Any guess what this is trying to say ?

> Additional forms of create command (9.0.0-dp-7)
>    Create in now works correctly
>    You can now create in as well as in

:-) ?


On 30/07/2017 22:40, hh via use-livecode wrote:
>> Alex wrote:
>> So I won't wait for my next question .... should that same simple
>> app work when built as an HTML5 standalone ? (9.0DP8 Indy, MacOS
>> 10.10.5, Chrome 59) (hint: right now, it doesn't - click on the
>> button, it highlights .... and then nothing else happens until we
>> get the "Page has become unresponsive" message.)
> You could use "load url", works on mobile and (currently) HTML5.
> This is documented in the release notes of 9.0.0-dp7, pp 9-10.
> An HTML5-example for using this new feature is on my html5 demos page
> ("FetchURL", loads images).
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